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Two Are Better

Our Scripture Moment for today comes from the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verses 9a, 10a, and 12b....

"Two are better than one......If one falls down, his friend can help him up....a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

In listening to Phil share about the experiences he and his wife, Bernadette, have had over the years of their marriage and how they have been there for one another, it is encouraging to see this scripture lived out in very practical and real life ways. Both Phil and Bernadette were wanting to trust God and help one another through very difficult challenges.....times of great disappointments, set-backs, and sorrows in loss. Christ's love and grace has been with them to give the strength and comfort they needed.

All marriages face hardships ....and some extreme hardships. There are times when people...even Christians fail one another or are just so weakened by circumstances that their faith is barely alive......certainly not strong! But, Christ's Spirit living in other believers can bring the healing balm of "presence" to heal and restore strength to the heart. When this happens, more depth of love binds the marriage relationship and love for Christ. This cannot be broken and it is never forgotten.

As the body of Christ gives themselves in friendship to help and encourage others, the church, too, grows stronger and more effective.

I hope you were encouraged today by Phil's story and will continue to "LIVE IT LOUD" in the relationships you have!