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His Ways

Today the scripture I'd like to share with you comes from the book of Isaiah chapter 55 verse 8.......

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways,"

declares the Lord.

As I listened to Bob share today I was reminded of this scripture. I think we all can agree that when we look back on our lives and reflect on what God has done and how he went about doing it, we are overwhelmed with the goodness and mercy of God.

The moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives to bring us to Jesus Christ, His influence in directing our steps to fulfill not just one plan or purpose for our lives but multiple experiences throughout our lives that are purposeful for us and for others awe inspiring!

Three experiences in Bob's story stand out to me and encourage me in my faith....

1. In prayer: The Holy Spirit had HIS WAY through Jane's intercession for her husband....even changing Jane's heart and her prayer!

2. In the Gospel message: The truth of the gospel came to Bob in a way he could understand and cut through all of Bob's defenses....going directly to his heart. God knew Bob and the way to reach him personally.

3. In ministry: What appeared to be an open door was shut by God's hand. At a later time and least expected, another door opened the way for Jane and Bob's music.

I encourage all of us to pause a moment and acknowledge the One,... Jesus the Christ...who knows us completely, knows how all things in our lives are to be ordered....despite our own stubborness, disappointments, and sorrows....and is well able to bring us through for His glory. Aren't we thankful for that!!

This is John Schlitt and until next time...."LIVE IT LOUD!"