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Scripture Moment: To See and Perceive

Today I'd like to share with you a scripture from the book of Job. OK, I know what you might be thinking. Really? Job?

The scripture is from Chapter 9 verse 10....

"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles ....that cannot be counted. When He passes me, I cannot see him; when he goes by, I cannot perceive him."

Life was great for Job. And then....things changed. As we all know, living in a fallen world our life can change quickly and effect our thinking and our heart condition.

I know I struggle with the things I don't understand or can control. My heart, like Job's, aches with distress and honesty before all its emotion. It's through those times of pain that I grow in accepting God's sovereignty over all things.

In those times of pain, I don't see God. But, I know, miracles are not a thing of the past. God is all about miracles today. In the losses, the disappointments, the adversities, all the things in my life that appear at first glance to defeat and cause me harm, to bring me to despair and destroy my hope in God, ...these can be the very "vehicle" to bring a miracle for me to see and perceive with different eyes. The miracle of His grace enables me to work through it, adjust, grow in Him and move on in life.

As I listened to Phil speak I was reminded again of God's sovereign power...not only in Phil's life but also in your life and mine. Yes, after the tragic accident when Phil was a child, his ability to play guitar with the excellence few have obtained is a miracle! However, the humble man you heard tell his story today would be the first to tell you that the greatest miracle in his life happened in his heart... that of knowing Christ.

Let me encourage you to reflect on your story with different eyes to see and perceive the work of God in your life. Until next time...this is John Schlitt and "LIVE IT LOUD!"