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Scripture Moment: Faithfulness in Your Gifting

Today I'd like to share with you a portion of scripture from Romans 12:4-8. Rick spoke a phrase from this verse in our conversation today. The scripture says...."Just as each of us has one body with many members and these members DO NOT have the same function, so... in Christ ...WE who are MANY form ONE body, and each member belongs to ALL the others. ....We have DIFFERENT gifts, according to the GRACE given us...."

There are additional scriptures in the Bible that also speak of God's gifts to the body of Christ. All are given by God's grace for the building up and equipping of Believers to minister God's love and care for others.

Whether you change a diaper or teach and pray for your four year old class on Sunday mornings, stand before great crowds and preach the Gospel, or give above your tithe to your church-----all are important to the functioning of the body of Christ.

By your faithfulness in using whatever gift you have.... in whatever measure you can, .....the Gospel moves forward into the hearts and lives of people.

(Rick had no idea as a six year old little boy playing and learning his guitar that someday he would use it and his music to encourage others. Now as a pastor, that same gift of encouragement is used in many ways through Rick to others.)

Someone once said "God gives gifts to the church wrapped up in His people!" You are a gift!

This is John Schlitt and until next time....."LIVE IT LOUD!"